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Best Hair Loss Remedy

Finding the best hair loss remedies can really be determined by what the circumstances of the loss of hair are. Is the hair just starting to thin which means there is some hair loss but there also is a fairly good covering of hair. Or does the patient already have areas of the head that are already completely bald. Dealing with these two situations require different methods and finding the best remedy for hair loss that fits one situation will not necessarily be the best for the other.

If you are looking for a natural hair loss remedy then there are two options that have really shown to have some affect on keeping the hair growing that a person already has. The first remedy is an extract of the Saw Palmetto palm which is located along the US gulf coast. This plant has been used for centuries by the Native Americans of the area to treat problems with male urinary tracts. Hair loss and urinary tract problems seem to go together so treating one is often times treating the other. This extract can be taken in pill form for the best results.

The second natural hair loss product is Nettle Root. The root of this plant is also active in native medicine to treat urinary problems. It seems as thought this extract works like the Saw Palmetto but it does not appear to be as potent.

Best Remedy For Hair Loss

The remedy for hair loss that seems to work the best is a drug that has been approved by the FDA. Finasteride is a drug that was in clinical trials for the treatment of enlarged male prostate. During the trials it was determined that men with hair loss in the study were seeing an improvement in their hair situation. Further studies indicated that the drug did seem to stop hair loss and actually increased some hair growth depending on how long the person had bee suffering the loss of hair. This is an example of science following natural medicine. Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root are both natural remedies for male prostate problems and also help with hair loss. This is the same thing the government researchers found with Finasteride.

Sometimes the best hair loss remedies are not necessarily only the drugs that come out of expensive labs. Sometimes it can be just as effective to look toward natural medicine.

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