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Cost Of Hair Plugs

When trying to determine the average cost of hair plugs there are many factors that must be considered. Most people think you just go to a hair doctor and they stick some hair in the bald spot and it starts to grow. This is really not all there is to it. In fact, the hair restoration community has been actively seeking better and more cost effect treatments for hair loss in both men and women for decades. Ever since the first hair plugs were used in the US back in the 1950’s.  The cost of hair plugs is actually going down as these new procedures and techniques are utilized.

The causes of male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss are very closely tied together. Both of the conditions are caused by a genetic predisposition to hair loss in certain areas of the scalp. This is usually manifested as balding or hair thinning at the vertex and crown of the head while other areas of the head, such as the occipital or back of the head, continue to exhibit good growth. These areas of continued hair growth can play a big part in determining the hair transplant cost. The better the donation area the easier it is to harvest the healthy hair follicles and so the cost of hair restoration goes down.

The mechanism for pattern baldness is quite simple. There is a natural occurring hormone in our bodies, dihydrotestosterone (DHT),which is formed when the so called male hormone testosterone is metabolized. This appears to act on the body in two ways. One is to have a negative affect on the male urinary tract, in particular on the prostate gland. In fact, the way DHT was determined to be a cause of hair loss was in trials for drugs to treat enlarged prostate. During the trials it was noticed that the men who were taking the drug actually saw a decrease in hair loss and some experienced hair growth. Further testing showed DHT to be a contributor to male pattern baldness.

Some of the hair follicles on the men and women who show signs of pattern baldness seem to have a genetic predisposition to be affected by the free DHT in the blood stream. There are receptors on these follicles that attach to DHT and start the miniaturization process. The complete mechanism is not understood but it appears that the certain areas of the head have these follicles that are affected by the hormone. Thus the term pattern baldness is uses. As the hair goes through its natural cycles of growth and rest the dihydrotestosterone shortens the growth phase during each cycle and eventually the follicle has been shrunken to a point that it can not continue to produce hair shaft material. At this point the hair falls out and baldness is exhibited.

Cost Of Hair Plugs

The size of the area that is genetically predisposed to pattern baldness is a major factor in determining the cost of hair transplant procedures. Most clinics and cosmetic surgeons will adjust their charges based on how many hair units need to be transplanted from the donor area to the balding patch. Small areas can require a few hundred transplant units with the average amount being a thousand. If the pattern baldness is more advance then of course this number will increase and the overall cost of hair implants will be more.  Thus a person who has lost most of the hair on the affected area of the scalp is going to have a higher hair plugs cost than someone with only hair loss at the vertex of the head.

The other major factor in the cost of hair replacement is the per unit cost. This can vary from about $3 to $7 in the US. So as you can see the overall charges for hair plug surgery can easily reach anywhere from a few thousand to several thousand dollars.
When determining per unit costs the physician will look at such things as fullness of donor area and color and texture of the natural hair. It takes more thin, blond hair to give good coverage than thick, black hair unless the underlying scalp color is very light. If that is the case then more dark colored hairs are needed.

When determining whether you can afford a hair transplant procedure the best thing to do is check out several options. Many clinic advertise on line now and you can get really good information by visiting there sites. Once you have a couple you are interested in then meeting for a free consultation is very highly recommended. The cost of hair plugs is irrelevant if the procedure is not performed properly.

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