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Cure For Baldness

If you are looking for a magical cure for baldness that you can take today and tomorrow have a new head of hair I am afraid you will be disappointed. There is help available for your hair loss but it will take a while before you see results. When people talk about cures for baldness they are really talking about two separate issues that have completely different treatments. You can either have a thinning hair problem that you think, or fear, will probably turn into full fledged baldness or your have a bald spot now which the hair has already fallen out of.

Cures For Baldness

If the problem is thinning hair that is turning into baldness then you have options to keep the hair you have and hopefully grow some back. The two main treatments to stop the loss of hair are both FDA approved drugs. The first is Finasteride which is taken orally and is targeted at limiting the amount of DHT in the body. DHT is the culprit behind male pattern baldness. This hormone bonds with the hair follicles and shortens the hair growth sequence. After a few rotations the hair follicle and hair shaft have withered away. There are some drawbacks with this drug. Women are not allowed to take the drug if they are of childbearing age and men can experience such things as decreased libido and lower sperm production. This doesn’t seem like a very good trade off for a balding treatment.

The second drug that the FDA has found is helpful against a loss of hair is Minoxidil. This drug is vasodilator. That means it increases the size of the tiny blood vessels in the body. It is thought that this drug is effective by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. Minoxidil does not seem to have any serious side effects and it can be utilized by both men and women safely. This drug is usually applied to the scalp in a lotion or shampoo form. Although neither of these is a cure for male pattern baldness they do work to lessen, and often times stop, the hair loss. In some patients there also is an actual increase in hair.

Natural Cure For Baldness

If you are looking for a natural cure of baldness then there are several herbal remedies that have shown promise as treatments for male pattern baldness also known as male pattern hair loss. The first of this is from the Saw Palmetto palm which is found near the Southeastern Gulf Coast. For years this extract has been used to treat male urinary problems. DHT has been linked as a cause of such things as enlarged prostate in men. Recently, the hair loss properties have also been utilized.

Another natural cure is Stingy Nettle Root. Like Saw Palmetto this root has been used to treat urinary problems for years. Pygeum is another natural remedy that shows great potential. It is derived from the bark of the Prunis Africana tree and is currently being studied in Europe for its ability to treat urinary disorders and hair loss. A fourth potential is Emu oil. Emus are large flightless birds that have been prized for their healthy meat. It appears as thought the oil from this bird also may promote health in general and hair growth in particular.

A Cure For Baldness

If you truly have lost all your hair in an area of your scalp then none of these treatments are going to be of much help. The only two options you have is to get a toupee or to look into hair implants. Hair implants or hair grafts are very effective at getting hair to grow in a bald area. A cosmetic surgeon first removes growing hair from one area of the scalp and then transpants it to the bald area. This is the closest new cure for baldness that there is. Once the hair is implanted it will continue to grow for years to come.

A cure for baldness may never come totally but there are options that can help a person to keep what hair they have and re-grow a certain amount more. If you are really concerned about your hair loss you want to look at having a hair implants surgery with hair plugs.

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