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Do Women Prefer Men With Hair

Most men are looking to hair plugs as a way to find the full head of hair they used to have and there seems good reason. In general, most women find men with hair more attractive than men who are balding. When asked, most women stated they preferred a man with hair or a completely bald man more than a man who has male pattern baldness or MPB. The men with hair lines receding or bald tops with hair around the edges, known as fringe, reminded women of their uncles and older men in their families. This is a complete turn off to women. Think about it how would you like to date your Grandmother?

In Great Britain, a study for hair loss treatment specialist Maximum Hair, reported in the newspaper Telegraph, proves the point that in general women prefer men with a head of hair over those with thinning hair. The experiment is as follows. Two pictures of a man in his early thirties were added to several dating websites. In the first picture was an actual photograph of a man showing a full head of hair. The second photo was doctored with Photoshop to make him look like he had thinning hair on top of his head. Both pictures had the same profile of the dater attached. The profile said he was looking for love and was a successful, professional, 30-year old male. He was based in London and his interests included sport, music, and travel.

The biographies were left on the dating sites for two months. Not surprisingly, the profile including the picture of the man with a full head of hair received 108 responses. The other biography, showing the thinning and a receding hair line, only received 22 responses. It appears that 5 times as many women were interested in the subject with a full head of hair than were interested when he showed signs early hair loss.

Since all other aspects of the profiles were exactly the same, the only conclusion to draw is that women prefer men with full heads of hair. This would be in agreement with common knowledge about how much women prefer men with hair. This does study did not compare men with full head of hair to men with completely bald or shaved heads. Many women who were asked this question stated they prefer a completely bald man over a man with hair and the vast majority claimed a bald man was much more sexy than a man with a thinning hair or a receding hair line.

The old tricks of trying to cover up the hair loss don’t work either. Women said men who tried to comb hair over the bald spot were worse than men who just let their bald spot show. Trying to hide the evidence showed signs of insecurity and untruthfulness. Many men with thinning hair said they were having no luck at dating until they completely shaved their heads. Once all the hair was gone the men started getting many more looks from women.

The result of this study would indicate that a full head of hair is a definite plus for dating. If you are balding it would be worth your time to look into ways to grow your hair or have a medical procedure like hair plugs installed. If you decide to live with your thinning hair then shave it bare for the best dating results.

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