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Hair Loss Products

It can seem absolutely overwhelming when a person is suffering from hair loss and trying to decide which hair loss products are the best to use to get the hair growing again. There are many options and trying to determine which is the best one can be a daunting endeavor. If you are in that boat then read this article and find out the different types of products that are available for hair loss treatments.

The most common cause of hair loss is pattern baldness. This is caused by a build up of DHT on the hair follicles, the hair roots, that causes the blood flow to be inhibited. Dealing with this loss of nutrients and oxygen is the key to getting hair to re-grow and to stop any more hair from falling out. If you let the balding problem go on too long then you will not be able to rejuvenate the hair with any products for hair loss you may use. You will be forced to either cover up the bald spot or get a hair transplantation surgery.

Hair Loss Products

If you are already bald then the only two options are coverage or surgery. If you are going to cover up the problem then you will be looking at a loss hair product known as a hair replacement system or, more commonly, a toupee. These got a real bad wrap in the old comedy movies but the new attachment systems and base materials make them almost completely unnoticeable. For a small charge of about $400 you can have hair coverage within a few weeks. The second treatment for complete hair loss is transplantation. This surgery involves removing hair from one area of the scalp, usually the back of the head, and inserting those follicles into the bald area. This is not cheap with costs ranging from a few thousand to several thousand dollars. But it does work and it works well for years to come.

If you still have some hair growing in the balding area then there are other treatments that can be used to keep what hair you have and hopefully rejuvenate some of the hair follicles that have recently gone into dormancy. One of these is a medical device known as the Laser Comb. This device uses laser hair restoration techniques to stimulate the hair follicles and get them to produce more hair. The DHT that builds up on the hair roots stops the hair flow. It appears as though the red spectrum light from the low intensity laser actually causes more blood flow to the follicle by exciting the tissues surrounding it. The increase flow of nutrients and oxygen allows the hair follicles to continue to produce hair shaft material.

FDA Approved Loss Hair Products

There are two drugs that have been approved by the US FDA and both of these are more valuable as hair loss prevention treatments but they do seem to help rejuvenate hair that has recently stopped growing. The first of these is an oral medication called Finasteride. You probably know it more by the trade name Propecia. This drug actually helps to limit the amount of free DHT in the blood stream which means there is less to bond with the hair follicles. Although affective for men, this drug is not recommended for women because of the potential for birth defect. In fact women are not even allowed to touch the tablets because of the possibility of ingestion through the skin.

Women Hair Loss Products

If you are looking for a FDA approved to treat hair loss in women then the only option is Minoxidil which is the active ingredient the trade product Rogaine. This is a vasodilator medication which means it increases the size of the small blood vessels feeding the hair follicles and thus allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach the roots and keep the hair growing. This is a good hair product. Hair loss can be limited while using this and in fact some hair will start to grow again but not really much.

These are the four classifications of hair loss products that can be used to treat your balding or hair thinning problems. Everything else is just a variation on these themes.  Find out more information by looking at our hair loss product facts post.

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