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Hair Loss Remedies

There have been home remedies for hair loss around for ages. Probably as long as we knew what baldness was we have been worried about hair loss and how to stop it. If you are looking for a natural hair loss remedy then you need to understand what causes baldness so you can know if you are getting something that even makes sense. For example, a lot of natural hair loss remedies involve raw eggs. The thinking is that hair is made of protein and eggs have a lot of protein so rubbing raw eggs on your head should help your hair to grow. Even if that would work there is no way for the omelet to get through your skin and into the scalp where it could do some good, which it won’t because lack of protein is usually not the problem.

The number one cause of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness. This also affects many women but of course in this case the condition is known as female pattern baldness. This is a genetically caused medical condition that can be passed down from either the mother’s side of the family or the father’s side. Basically, the hair loss is caused by a build up of DHT in the blood stream which tends to bond with certain hair follicles at the roots and cut off the supply of blood. With the nutrients derived from the blood supply the follicle weakens, withers, and then finally stops production of hair material and is surrounding by fibrotic tissue. Once a person has become completely bald on part of his or her scalp you can be assured the follicles will not come back.

Hair Loss Remedy

Any remedies for hair loss that are going to be affective must deal with this build up of DHT. Notice it is not a lack of protein that causes the problem, which is the basis for most home remedies, instead it is a build up on the roots that causes all the nutrients to not be able to supply the hair roots.

One remedy that does seem to help with hair loss is the Saw Palmetto palm. The extract from this plant does seem to affect the levels of DHT and will thus help to prolong the life of the hair follicles. Be advised though, this will not repair damaged follicles nor will you see much new hair growth. This extract is mostly used to keep the hair you still have from falling out. Since this is a natural extract of a plant it falls under the heading of a natural remedies for hair loss.

Another hair loss remedy that may help is massaging oils into the scalp. The actual addition of oil doesn’t make a whole lot of difference instead it just helps with the massaging process. Instead, the manipulation of the scalp seems to be what is effective. This makes sense because massaging is known to increase blood flow to the area and that is what is needed for the hair follicles to continue to produce hair shaft material. Again the re-growth of hair will not be very great but you can slow down the loss of the hair you still have.

Most home remedies for hair loss are not any more effective than rubbing butter and garlic on the scalp. The reason is the root problem is not addressed. To be effective, the hair loss remedies must treat the actual cause of the problem not what we wish was the cause of the problem.

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