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Hair Plugs and Hair Replacement Therapies

The old term for hair restoration surgery was hair plugs. This term is not uses much any more because the science of hair replacement has shot past using plugs of hair that looked fake and unnatural to follicular unit transplantation which is almost impossible to detect unless some one inspects the scalp at close range. Of course hair loss prevention would be the best course of action but if you have already lost your hair or have active hair thinning hair transplant surgery may be right for you.

Hair loss treatments have been around since the Egyptian times. There are many hieroglyphs that show hair regrowth concoctions being applied to scalps. These ancient treatments usually contained honey along with other substances such as cow dung. Today we have a much better smelling treatment when it comes to increasing hair to fill in male pattern baldness spots.

Hair thinning is a problem that can affect both men and women. In men it usually shows up as male pattern baldness or MPB. There is such a thing as female pattern baldness but generally women suffer from a thinning of hair over their entire scalp instead of patches of complete baldness that men experience.

Hair Plugs Cost

If you are looking to regrow hair then hair plugs or hair replacement surgical procedures is a good thing to look into. The hair transplant cost can be fairly expensive but what is a full head of hair worth. When using the transplanting procedure, the hairs are removed in follicular units of one to four hairs each. Generally the cost is $4-$6 per follicular unit transplant. 1000 to 3000 of these units is usually manipulated so you can see the cost is fairly large. Hair cloning has not been very effective yet but this may change with new research. As of now hair plug therapy seems to give the best results for people looking for a full head of hair.

Looking through a hair loss forum you see many posts about hair loss solutions. In reality most of these treatments do not work too well. The FDA has only accepted two treatments for effective baldness cure and both of these only work about half the time. What does work though is hair transplant surgery. It usually takes a few months for the hair transplantation to really take off but when it does the hair is very natural looking and very difficult to detect.

Hair implants are nice because they use a person’s natural hair so there is no mismatched look like in hair replacement systems. If you are worried about hair lose you really should look into a surgical procedure. This goes for both hair loss in men and hair loss woman. The technology has improved to the point where it is very difficult to think anything other than what a great head of hair. What started with hair plugs in the 1950’s has expanded into a billion dollar industry with results that are amazing.

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