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Hair Plugs Care

Once you have decided on hair plugs as the way to treat your bald spots, and that is a great decision, you need to plan for the care of the hair after the procedure is performed. There are not a lot of things to be concerned about but there are a few that will need your attention. Hair plugs for men and hair plugs for women both need to treated with care for until they are established in the section of scalp they were transplanted to.

With the cost of hair plugs what it is you want to be sure to treat your new transplants very carefully so you don’t have any follicles loosen up and fall back out. This doesn’t mean the hair shafts might not fall out as a natural course of events. The stress of the procedure often time causes the actual shaft to separate from the hair follicle, or hair root, and thus fall out of the bald spot. This is normal and should not be a concern. Within a few weeks the transplanted follicles will start producing hair shaft material again and you will be on your way to a full head of hair like when you were younger.

The modern hair transplantation techniques, like follicular unit extraction, con be done with very little disruption to the scalp. Because of this there is usually not very much bleeding when the implant procedure is finished. There is some, though, and the care of the scalp for the first few days is very important.

If you have a bandage over the area it is important to keep the dressing clean and changed regularly. This will help combat any infection that may try to take hold. Also, most cosmetic surgeons recommend you start shampooing the scalp within a few days. This keeps any scabbing soft and pliable instead of letting it get hard. When the scabbing hardens it tends to stick to the hair shaft. If it is then picked or caught on something like a comb or brush it can disrupt the follicle and pull it back out. This means that hair plug will not take hold and grow. It is very important that nothing is done to loosen the hair follicle, or hair root, once it has been implanted into the bald section of the scalp. Within a few weeks everything has healed fine and you can then comb and brush your hair like normal but, until that time, you need to very careful.

When treating pattern baldness hair plug costs can vary based on several factors. One of the main variables in the cost of hair plugs is the geographical location in which the procedure is performed. In the US, the southern states have the lowest average hair plug costs and the Midwest the highest. Of course, within these locations there is much variability in costs based on the number of implants, the hair implantation method used, and the base costs of the clinic and cosmetic surgeon.

If you are wondering what are hair plugs the explanation is real simple. The hair shaft grows out of a hair follicle which is also called the root. When a hair plug procedure is performed, the hair follicle and associated parts are removed from the scalp in an area with good hair growth. The hair unit is then transplanted into the bald area where it starts growing the hair shaft again. Once the unit it transplanted it continues to grow just like the natural hair did. Hair plugs can last for years and offer a great alternative to other hair restoration methods.

If you are developing bald spots then it would be well worth your time to find out about hair plugs and how they can change your life.  Not only are hair plugs for men there is also a lot of recent success with hair plugs for women also.

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