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Hair Plugs Cost

Hair plugs have been applied in the US for the treatment of baldness in men for over 50 years. During that time the procedure has been improved many fold to give a result that is natural looking and last for years. The first tries at the procedure were not very good though, as surgeons did not have the tools or the micro-surgical techniques necessary to manipulate the hair follicles in such a way that the implanted hair matched the surrounding hair. Although the cost of hair plugs is not cheap it is a great alternative to bald spots.

When the hair transplant method was first being utilized was the term hair plugs came into being. The early pioneers of this cosmetic surgery actually removed a portion of scalp from usually the back of the head. This scalp section was then cut up in to little pieces and then inserted into slits made in the bald spot. As you can imagine this did not give very good results and was very noticeable. These grafts resulted in hair groups that stuck out in every which direction. This is the where the term hair plugs came from. The hair looked like the artificial hair that is plugged into the head of a cheap dolls. Just clumps of hair sticking out of the head.

The first big advancement was when micro-surgical techniques allows for the removal and placement of individual hair follicular units. That is, the hair shaft, hair follicle, and associated parts. This allowed to surgeons to place the hairs in a more natural position and allowed for a more natural look. It was as this time that the cost of hair plugs for men finally started to make sense from a results stand point.

The use of this method went on with a few modifications for years until the next big advancement in hair plug therapy took place. People were complaining about men’s hair plug cost because not only was it expensive but there was still some scarring from the removal of the scalp portions at the back of the head. Granted, the scarring was smaller because now scalp was removed in thin strips instead of chunks but there was still scarring.

The next change came with the introduction of Follicular Unit Extraction. This method allows for the removal of individual hair follicles and small groups of follicles. There is no scarring with this method and the only irritation looks like a pin prick and is quickly healed up. Use of this method actually allowed for the use of hair from other parts of the body besides just the scalp. This body hair works well for filling in the bald hair spots.

When you are contemplating the cost of hair plugs you need to take into account where the procedure is performed. The hair plug cost is going to be more in the US and Western Europe than other countries like Brazil and Thailand that are aggressively working toward a cosmetic surgery industries.

Even within the US there are variations in hair plug costs but you can usually expect to pay between $3 and $8 per implanted unit. These units consist of one to three hair follicles bunched together because that is how they grow naturally, The normal patient usually requires between a few hundred and a few thousand of these units.

The cost of hair plugs is not cheap but if you have areas that are completely bald then this is about your only option other than getting a hair replacement system also known as a toupee. Hair plugs costs can be dramatically reduced though by looking for a cosmetic surgery vacation package.

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