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Hair Plugs for an Instant Head Of Hair

Hair plugs have been around since the 1950’s as a way to increase to counteract hair loss due to male pattern baldness. In some men hair growth stops in certain patch areas that result in patterns of baldness. There are many hair loss treatments available today from traditional herbal medicines up to complete hair transplantation procedures. As far as non-surgical treatments go the US FDA has only accepted two treatments as being effective for hair regrowth.

If you are looking for a quick hair loss treatment that is effective most of the time then you should look at having a hair transplant. In this method a surgeon removes hair follicles from one area of the head and reinserts them in the bald area. This is where the term hair plugs came from. When this procedure was first developed the surgeon would remove a fairly large piece of scalp containing hair and reinsert it in the bald patch. These fairly large patches would stand out because there was still bald areas around each insert. This gave the vision of a doll’s head and was less that great when it came to men trying to cover up the fact that they were losing their hair and going bald.

Hair Plugs

Current hair restoration techniques have become much more advanced in both the harvesting of the hair sections and in the placement of the sections on the scalp. Some people claim that increasing hair vitamins will stimulate hair growth but there has not been very much good data to support this notion. If you are looking for a quick remedy for baldness then hair plugs, or the current hair transplant procedures, are your best bet.

There is a lot of money spent every year on hair regrowth products. It is a many million dollar business. But unfortunately most of the substances that are sold to combat balding are completely ineffective. A current device being sold is the laser comb. This is supposedly a low light laser that stimulates hair growth in bald spots. There has been only one scientific test of its use and that study was funded by a laser company. The results of the test were spotty at best. If you are looking to combat male pattern baldness a surgical hair treatment may be what you need to consider.

The use of hair plugs or newer surgical techniques is increasing as the baby boomer generation ages. These men came of age as we were being force feed the idea that imagine is more important than substance. How we look, especially our hair loss, takes precedence over most other aspects of our lives.

Most men are concerned when they start to see a receding hair line in the mirror. They fear that the hair loss means they are losing their virility. One study in England found that women preferred men with a full head of hair 5 times more than balding men. If you are experiencing male pattern baldness you may want to consider hair transplants. Getting back a full head of hair would be great for your self esteem and the new techniques of hair plugs may be the choice you need to make.

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