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Hair Plugs For Men

Most men who experience hair loss are suffering from a genetic condition known as male pattern baldness. This condition can be passed down from either the mother’s or the father’s side of the family. It used to be believed that if your maternal uncles were bald you would most likely turn out bald. Actually, this is true only 50% of the time because pattern baldness genes can be passed from the father also. The best method to deal with this type of hair loss is hair implantation using hair plugs for men.

Hair plugs is actually a colloquial word that has been replaced with the more accurate hair implants or hair grafts. The name originated in the 1950’s when hair transplantation procedures were first being used. At that time the state of the art in micro-surgery did not exist so surgeons were forced to work with large pieces of scalp. This gave results that looked like the artificial hair that is plugged into a cheap dolls head.

The procedure went like this. The cosmetic surgeon would first remove a section of scalp from an area of the head that still had good hair growth. For men this is usually at the posterior portion of the head. He would slice this section into small sections and prepare them for implanting. Next, the doctor would make slits in the bald area of the scalp. The slices of prepared scalp material would then be sown into the skin and hopefully they would start growing again. As you can imagine, by dealing with fairly large chunks of scalp the results were not very appealing.

Most of the time the procedure was very noticeable because the hair that did grow pointed every which way. This has now changed as the new techniques allow for implantation of individual follicles. With the standard method in use today a section of scalp with hair growth is still removed, but then the individual hair units are removed from that section and implanted individually. This allows the surgeon to place the hairs at different angels allowing him to match the growth direction of the existing hair. Within a few weeks these new follicles attach to the scalpal blood supply and begin to produce hair shaft material. These will continue to grow for years to come.

This method of hair loss treatment is fairly expensive but it does work very well and is mostly unnoticeable. There is slight scarring at the back of the head but this is easily covered with existing hair growth. If you are tired of hearing bald jokes then you need to look into hair plugs for men as way to get your head of hair back again.

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