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Hair Restoration For Women

Hair restoration surgery for men is very popular and effective for nearly 90% of balding men in this country. This cosmetic technique has helped thousands of men to receive a hair line and fairly full head of hair again. When contemplating hair restoration for women the situation can be different. In fact, for years most women were not candidates for this procedure and it was assumed that women’s hair loss would just be something to live with. This may be changing.

When a man develops balding it us usually caused by androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. This condition is exhibited by hair loss around the face, on the top of the head, and the crown of the head. This hair loss is due to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a metabolite of the male hormone testosterone. This just means it is formed when the hormone is metabolized or used up in the body. Both women and men have this hormone to varying degrees. In pattern baldness the DHT shrinks the hair follicles in the areas of the scalp that exhibit balding. It does not affect all the hair on a man’s head though, as you have probably seen a guy can be bald on top the head but still have good hair growth around the sides and back of the head.

These areas of hair growth are known as stable sites. The hair follicles at these areas of the head do not tend to be affected by the build up of DHT. Thus when hair follicular units are removed from these donor areas and transplanted into the bald spots the hair can grow for years to come with not problems caused from the affects of male pattern baldness. These hair implants are very effective at filling in the bald spots for men.

Women Hair Restoration

This is not true for women with hair loss and patchy baldness. Female pattern baldness does result in patches of baldness but they are not localized like a man’s. That means they can be anywhere on the head. This is both good and bad. The bad part is this means all the hair follicles on a female’s head are susceptible to DHT shrinking. Thus if a cosmetic surgeon transplants hair from one area of the scalp that still has hair growth, and places it in the bald spot, the chances that it will just whither up and fall out are very great. This means most women are not good candidates for this standard hair restoration procedure.

Luckily there may be another option. Since women’s hair loss is not localized they tend to not lose the hair that borders the face. Men, on the other hand, almost always have this receding hair line problem. Thus it is very important for men to get a good quality hair implanted at the front of the scalp in order to rebuild the hair line and reframe the face. Women do not have this problem. In fact female hair restoration does not usually have to worry about the quality of the hair shafts because the balding spots are on the top, sides, and back of the head. This means hair that does not completely match the natural hair found on the head can be used as filler to give the women the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

A new method has been developed that may be able to help with hair restoration for women by taking advantage of this fact. Follicular Unit Extraction is a method of hair transplantation that may be able to help. With this procedure individual hair follicles or hair follicular units are removed instead of entire sections of scalp. This means the hair from other parts of the body may be used as transplant donors. For example, the unwanted underarm hair may be able to be transplanted on the head to fill in bald spots. The texture of the hair shafts do not match the head hair usually because it is courser and darker but if it is used as a filler for women’s pattern baldness it may give good results.

Since there are not many hair restoration products for women this may help with balding spots. It is certainly worth talking to a cosmetic surgeon about this possibility. Hair restoration for women is a tough challenge but there are options available. Don’t give up and keep looking for the treatment that will be right for you.

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