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Hair Transplant Cost Guide

Determining a fair value for a hair transplant cost is difficult to tie down directly but there are some good assumptions that can be make to give you a ball park figure of what it will cost. The sad fact is, there are millions and probably billions of dollars that are spent every year on hair loss remedies that are supposed to cure baldness but in realty they don’t. Once a person has a spot or area on the scalp that is completely bald there is really hardly any chance at all of getting the original hair to grow again. This is because of the condition that caused the baldness in the first place.

Cost Of Hair Transplant

The vast majority of baldness is caused by a condition known as pattern baldness. The most commonly known form of this is male pattern baldness that affects men but there are also lots of instances of female pattern baldness. Before you determine the cost of hair transplants you really should know what caused the problem to start with so you will have some good questions to ask when you visit the hair transplant clinic.

Male pattern baldness results in an actual dying off of the hair follicles that produce the hair shaft material. This is caused by a build up of DHT on the follicle which stops the flow of nutrients and oxygen. As this slowly occurs you can see the hairs start to get thinner and thinner and they eventual wither away and fall out. At this time the follicle is mostly inactive and will become encased in fibrotic material within a short time. When this happens the follicle will never produce hair again. The interesting thing with men is the hair at the sides of the head and back are not susceptible to this problem. Thus even if the entire top of the head is bald there is a good chance the surgeon can find ample hair to transplant from the back of the head that will continue to grow for years. This good donor area greatly reduces the hair transplant cost.

Cost Of Hair Transplants

By using this donor area as a place to get individual hair follicles the surgical procedure is shortened and thus the hair transplantation cost is reduced. There is another method known as Hair Follicular Unit Extraction in which individual hairs are removed and then placed in the bald spot. This method can utilize hair from all over the body but it is more expensive than the standard method. The hair transplant cost with this method is more and the surgery takes longer but there is no removal of scalp material and no scarring.

With the standard method you can look at a few rules of thumb to get an idea of the cost. In the US, you can usually expect to pay between three and seven dollars for each hair follicular unit that is transplanted. Each of these are known as [hair implants] or grafts and are actually composed of one to three hair follicles in a bunch because that is how they grow naturally.

The other variable is the area to be covered as this is in direct relationship to the number of hair unit grafts that must be implanted. Depending on the size of the area you should expect to have several hundred to a few thousand individual grafts. It really depends on area to be covered and also the color and thickness of your hair. Only a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in hair loss can make that determination.

There is also another option that is becoming very popular. Many people are taking surgery vacations. Countries such as Brazil and Thailand offer packages for a vacation and a cosmetic surgery procedure. Most of the surgeons have been trained in the US and Europe so their results are top notch.

This is just another option when looking at the hair transplant cost.

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  • The cost of Hair Transplant depends on various factors and it start from INR 50000.00 in India. You can go through my Blog for more information.

    • emily jacob ~ Oct 8, 2012 I am having tnhining of hair and visited two hair clinics in Qatar and they suggested me hair transplant surgery. I can not afford their prices and your packages are reasonable and i have seen photo gallery result as well. I want appointment for hair restoration.

    • Thanks guys, I just about lost it looking for this.

    • You really saved my skin with this information. Thanks!

    • Ana

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  • there are new methods like in this that is a chain of medical centers only for hair transplantation and even synthetic hair ,

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