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How Much Do Hair Plugs Cost

Let me state right up front that if you are suffering the embarrassment of bald spots or balding you deserve to get your hair back and you can do it by having a hair plug procedure. Hair plugs are great because they are your own hair that is transplanted into the bald spot so they match the surrounding hair perfectly. Also, the trained doctor will insert them in such a way that they will match how the rest of your hair lays. They look completely natural and they will make you look like your youthful self again. Hair plugs have become the method of choice to re-grow hair for active people who want to have a full head of hair again.

Hair plugs are really good at covering the bald spot because they are your own hair that has been removed from a spot on your head, or other part of the body, and placed in the bald spot. Unlike toupeeā€™s or hair pieces they will never slip and slide or fall off in the wind. You can swim with hair plugs. You can ski with hair plugs. And you can get close to the opposite sex with hair plugs without the risk of embarrassment that could come from a hair piece falling off. They work because the hair is your own, and once the transplantation procedure is done, the hair follicles are growing just like when you were younger.

The hair plug procedure is really straight forward. There are to main methods in use today. The first is the traditional method known as the ribbon method. With this procedure a surgeon removes ribbons of scalp which still contain good hair growth from the scalp of the patient. The individual hair follicles or bulbs are then removed from the ribbon of scalp by an assistant trained in hair restoration. While the hair follicles are being removed and prepared the surgeon sutures the place in the scalp where the ribbon was removed from. This ribbon is usually taken from the back of the head which leaves a scar line that is easily covered up by the hair growth of the follicles that are left.

The surgeon then transplants each of the follicles individually into the scalp at the bald area. Usually the follicles are inserted with one to three per insertion area because that is how natural hair grows. This method has been used for over 50 years and offers very good results.

The second method is called FUE or follicular unit extraction. This just means that instead of removing a portion of scalp and them separating the hair follicles out, the FUE method removes the follicles individually directly from the scalp. This does not leave any scarring because there is no suturing needed. The results of the extraction look like a pin prick and the wound is completely healed within a few days.

This method also allows hair to be removed it the person is suffering from thinning hair along with bald spots. This is especially true for women and thus this method is used predominately when performing hair plugs for women procedures. The surgeon can remove hair shafts from several areas of the scalp and thus leave as many hairs as possible spread out.

The cost of hair plugs varies depending on several factors including geographical location, type of hair, experience of the doctor, and number of follicles to be transplanted. In general each hair plug costs between $3 and $7. The total cost of the procedure also depends on the number of plugs needed. Usually, between 500 and 4000 hair plug transplants are necessary depending on the size of the area to be filled.

As you can see how much do hair plugs cost is a question that is hard to nail down but the results are definitely worth the cost. Especially when you consider the cost of other hair treatments for the next 20 or 30 years.

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