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How To Stop Balding

Way over half the men in the world will experience some hair loss in their life time. This ranges from complete hair loss, except a fringe around the sides and back of the head, to thinning limited to the top and crown areas. This bothers some men and some it doesn’t. It seems that many more men are embracing their baldness and shaving all the hair off their head when they have some balding spots. In fact, toupee sales are down because of this phenomenon. If you are worried about your hair loss and want to do something about it then read on. This web site is really turning into the balding blog which is as it should be.

What Causes Baldness

One of the main causes of baldness in men is a condition known as male pattern baldness. This hair loss is a genetically caused condition that can be passed down from either the mother’s side of the family or the father’s. Scientists don’t understand every thing about male pattern baldness as a cause of balding but it appears as though it is related to the levels of DHT in the blood stream. DHT is a metabolite product of the so called male hormone testosterone. Build up of the DHT appears as though it interrupts the ability of the hair follicles, what makes the hair, to produce hair shaft material. One of the interesting things is that there are only certain areas of the scalp that are susceptible to this problem If you note, when men start balding they lose hair on the top front, top middle, and crown of the head. Even men who are completely bald up there still have hair growth around the sides and on the back of the head. This fact will be important later when we are talking about treatments.

The key to treating the balding condition in men is to counteract the affects of DHT. There are two ways to do this. Either you get more blood supply to the hair roots or you limit the amount of DHT in the bloodstream.

Baldness Treatments

When dealing with hair loss there are really two problems that although related take two different treatment regimens. The first option it to treat the balding hair condition while there is still hair present. There are two FDA approved drugs that can be used when a man is going bald but he still has hair growth. Finasteride is an oral drug that is taken daily in tablet form. This is only for men as the fear of birth defects make it unsuitable for women of child bearing age. This drug limits the amount of DHT in the blood stream and thus slows down the normal pattern baldness results.

The second FDA approved drug is Minoxidil. This drug, found in Rogaine, is a topical solution that is applied to the scalp. The active ingredient is a vasodilator which means it increases the size of the blood vessels. This gets more blood to the hair follicles and appears to slow down the loss of hair. Both of the drugs work best when applied early such as when the man first senses he is going bald or first starts to get thinning hair.

Baldness Treatment When Hair Is Gone

The other possible condition associated with balding is that the hair has already all fallen out. This usually means the hair follicles are already disabled and encased with fibrotic material. At this point you will not get the hair growing again out of these follicles. About the only option is to have a hair transplantation surgery. This surgery consists of removing hair units from the back of the skull, where we mentioned hair continues to grow, and implanting those follicular units into the bald area. This procedure is done everyday and has become commonplace. It is expensive but it is about the only way to get you hair growing once you have a completely bald spot.

Balding and baldness are conditions that can be treated. The best results are obtained early when you start to experience the thinning hair but you should never give up hope as there are all kinds of treatments to be used.

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