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Prevent Hair Loss With These Tricks

If you are experiencing some thinning hair and you want to prevent hair loss before it gets too bad then you are on the right track. It is much easier to deal with hair loss and keep what hair you have than it is to try to do something after all the hair has fallen out and you are bald. There are many things you can do to keep your hair but once it is gone about the only thing you can do is get a hair implants procedure.

Hair Loss Prevention

Before we look at how to prevent hair loss lets find out what is causing it. The vast majority of hair loss, particularly in men, is caused by a condition known as male pattern baldness. This hair loss condition is passed down from one of your parents by genetics. It was believed for years that the gene for baldness was passed on the mother’s side but recent genetic research has indicated that the gene responsible for this condition can be passed from either side of the family.

Preventing hair loss is really all about dealing with the causes of pattern baldness. The main culprit is a build up of DHT in the body that eventually blocks the blood flow to the hair follicles or hair roots. Without the proper oxygen and nutrients these little hair factories can not work properly to make hair shaft material. The hair becomes thin and whispy. Eventually it withers away and breaks off. The hair follicle then becomes encased in fibrotic material and will never produce again. This build up of DHT is the main culprit and either the DHT itself or the effects must be dealt with if you are going to prevent hair loss.

Preventing Hair Loss

There are two attacks a person can take when dealing with a thinning hair or balding problem. The first is to limit the cause of the hair loss and the second is to treat the effects of the buildup of DHT. The FDA drug approved to treat the levels in the blood stream is Finasteride. This drug is taken by tablet. It originally was developed to treat male prostate gland problems but it was found to also treat hair loss. These two conditions have a very close tie in. This drug works very well but it is only for men as it can cause birth defects when women handle the drug.

How To Prevent Hair Loss In Women

There is an FDA approved drug that is OK for women to use. Minoxidil is a vasodilator which means it enlarges the small blood vessels in the body. This allows more blood to flow to all parts but in particular it means a better supply to the hair follicles. A 5% solution of this drug is applied topically to men’s hair loss areas and a 2% is applied for women. This drug is effective but not quite as good as Finasteride. But, it is the only FDA hair loss drug approved to prevent hair loss in women.

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

I call these tricks because they seem to make a difference but they are not approved by the government. One way to get more blood to the follicles is to massage the head. Many people do this with essential oils to enrich the scalp. Olive oil is also popular because it appears to help clean the pores and follicles of dirt and buildup. There are two natural extracts that also seem to make a difference. Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root have both been used as natural remedies for male urinary problems and recently for hair loss in men. Henna is an Indian natural herb that has been used for centuries to keep hair healthy.

Exercise and a well balanced diet along with cleaning have all been used. If your hair loss is caused by toxic chemicals, which it could be, then this could have a dramatic effect.

The fact is, trying to prevent hair loss is really much easier and cheaper than dealing with the loss after you have bald spots. Like most everything, hair loss prevention is much more cost effective than baldness treatments.

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