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Scalp Med Review

One of the most popular hair loss treatments on the market today is a product called Scalp Med. It is a topical treatment that means it is applied to the scalp at the balding area as opposed to other methods which must be taken orally. Scalp Med is designed to treat the effects of Male Pattern Baldness and help you to stop hair loss along with re-grow hair that has already stopped growing.

Male and female pattern baldness are both caused by a build up of DHT, dihydrotestosterone, at the hair follicle or hair roots which eventually causes the follicle to whither away. DHT is a metabolite of testosterone known as the male hormone. A metabolite is a compound that is formed from the metabolism of another compound. Thus when the hormone is metabolized in the body it forms DHT and this free DHT then travels around the blood stream. One of the places it bonds is on hair follicles located at the classic pattern areas of the front, top , and crown of the head.

There are two ways to attack the problem of DHT buildup. One is to limit the amount of the metabolite in the blood stream. Unlike scalp med, which is topical, this is how the FDA approved drug Finasteride works. It is taken in pill form and then works to limit the compound in the blood. This drug is not approved for use by women and can have serious side effects so I wouldn’t use it.

Scalp Med Hair Treatment

The other method to treat DHT build up is what the product Scalp Med uses. This method involves actually increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles in spite of the buildup. The main ingredient in scalp med is Minoxidil which is also a FDA approved drug that has shown an ability to stop hair loss and allow some of the dormant hair follicles to begin to manufacture hair once again. Minoxidil is a vasodilator medication which means it increases the size of the tiny blood vessels that feed the hair follicles. This allow the blood to reach the hair follicles and stop the process of withering of the hair roots. If the blood flow is not reinitiated then the follicle will become encapsulated in fibrotic tissues and then nothing can be done to get the hair growing again.

Minoxidil is also the main ingredient in Rogaine. Rogaine is a very popular hair loss treatment that has been shown to be effective in treating hair loss and is sold over the counter. The formulation for men usually contains 5% Minoxidil while the female formula only contains 2%. For some reason not understood formulations with more than 2% don’t seem to have any better effect on women but they do on men. Med scalp contains the same formulation that is allowed by the FDA which is 5% for men.

Along with the Minoxidil, scalp med hair treatment also contains Sabal Serrulatum also known as Saw Palmetto. The extract of the Saw Palmetto palm has been used for centuries by native people in the South Eastern US as a treatment for male urinary problems and has recently shown its ability to help with hair loss. Several studies have shown that this extract can have a positive effect on hair follicles suffering from the condition of male pattern baldness. The Scalp Med also contains beta sitosterol which is thought to be the active ingredient is Saw Palmetto extract.

Scalp Med Reviews

Looking at the anecdotal evidence it appears that the addition of the last two ingredients have a positive effect on the Minoxidil treatment. It is very common for men to say they had OK results with Rogaine but when they used Scalp Med as directed they saw more hair growth and stopped the loss of any more hair in the balding areas. It would make sense that using more than one method of treatment in solution would be more effective than only applying the Minoxidil.

Some people worry about a scalp med scam but that does not appear to be the case. The product contains ingredients that are known to help with hair loss. That said, you can not expect miracles from any product. If you are completely bald on top then no topical solution is going to help you to re-grow the hair. The only options at that point are hair implant surgery or a hair replacement system.

I hope this Scalp Med Review has been a help to you in deciding what to do about your hair loss. Hair is very important to a person’s looks and many people don’t want to go through life with a bald spot. If you are interested in more information there are several good websites devoted to this subject.

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