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The Best Thinning Hair Treatment Is Hair Restoration

If you want great results within a few months of getting a hair regrowth treatment you want to look into hair plugs or hair surgery. For years it was thought that transplanting hair from one section of the scalp to another would not work because the new hair in the bald patch would function like the old hair and fall out. In reality it was shown the the transplanted hair units were donor dominant which means they reacted like hair in the original donor area instead of the recipient area.

If you want hair plugs you have to go to a hair replacement center an have a hair surgery procedure done. There is at least one hair clinic in most every large US city and often times there are several. The hair implant surgery is usually on one day affair and often times the surgeon recommends that you start shampooing the next day. Once the hair follicular units are embedded in the scalp they are secured and can not be washed out.

Hair loss replacement therapies can range from the bizarre home herbal hair growth remedy to so called high tech remedies like the current hair growth laser. But surgical hair replacement seems to have the best over all results. Hair plugs therapy has been used since the 1950’s and every year the technique is made better and the success rate is much better than other methods. That’s not real hard to do considering most of the home remedies are absolutely worthless for growing hair. As far as a hair restoration product the US FDA has only certified two for the use of hair regrowth. There are just not very many effective treatments for man hair replacement other than surgery.

Hair Plugs Not A Scam

Hair loss may be funny to people who have not experienced thinning hair but a person who is going bald will spend a lot of money to restart his or her hair growth. This is why hair loss treatment is filled with sham artists. There are very few good hair growth therapies and there is a big need for answers so people are willing to spend money on any dream of big hair again. It has been estimated that people are spending tens of millions of dollars a year on hair scams that have no hope of working to regrow hair.

Hair replacement therapies are not cheap but they do work. The average cost of hair implanting is $4 – $6 per follicular unit transplantation. This is a natural grouping comprised of one to four hair shafts. Transplanting these units has proven to be the most effective for a natural looking hair growth. Usually 1000 to 3000 of these follicular units is transplanted when a person has a hair transplant procedure. The overall cost is between $4000 and $20,000 in the US. Many other countries now offer the surgery at a major reduction in cost while still giving good results.

There are many people who claim they have a system for hair restoration including topical creams and hair vitamins but what seems to work very well in hair transplant surgery. Baldness is not funny and is very serious to someone who suffers from it. It can be devastating to someone’s self esteem if a full head of hair is important to their self image. If you need to get your hair back look into hair plugs or hair restoration surgery.

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