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What Are Hair Implants

Hair implants are also known as hair plugs, hair grafts, and hair transplants. Once a person has lost all the hair on an area of the scalp it is the best, and mostly only, method to get hair re-growing once again. The great thing is the hair is your own so it will match the other hairs around the balding treatment area very well. In theory, the hair implantation procedure is quite simple but it does take a very skilled surgeon for a great result.

Hair Implant Surgery

The hair implant procedure involves removing hair follicles from one area of the scalp and implanting them into the bald area. This is usually done by removing a strip of scalp from the back of the head and then removing the follicle from that strip in groups of one to three follicles. A technician will prepare the follicles for implantation by removing any excess material and cleaning the associated support structures. The surgeon then creates very small slits or holes in the scalp at the bald spot and inserts the hairs into these very tiny holes. Within a few weeks the hair has started to re-establish itself as it begins to connect to the blood supply in the scalp. Hair implants for men are usually harvested from the back of the head as this area does not generally experience balding like the top of the head does. When the hair all dies in a particular area about the only option is to get hair implants. Women can also be helped with hair implants for women with just a little different procedure.

Direct Hair Implants

Direct hair implants, also known as Follicular Unit extraction, is a step above the standard hair transplantation procedure. With this method the individual hair follicular units are removed with a special surgical instrument. This means there is no scarring from the removal of scalp material because the scalp stays intact. This method allows for the removal and implantation of hair from other parts of the body also. This body hair is utilized only as a filler usually because it is of a different texture than scalp hair. Thus the surgeon will use transplanted scalp hair at the hair line and can fill in the bald area with body hair.

Artificial Hair Implants

Artificial hair implants are just what they sound like. Man made fibers are inserted into the bald spot instead of hair follicular units. Since these are not living hair but instead artificial hair strands they do not grow. This means if you style them short they will be short forever. Styling becomes very important when you have artificial hair implants. There is also more possibility for infection with this method

Overall, hair implants are the best way to get hair growing in a bald spot because the hair is your own so it matches the surrounding hairs perfectly. Also, you now have hair that is growing and will continue to grow for years to come.

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